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Dealing with drug or alcohol addiction is tough. Our Boynton Beach Drug Treatment Center offers hope. 

At Synergy Sobriety Solutions, we provide a sanctuary for recovery and a beacon of hope for those struggling with substance abuse. Our comprehensive approach blends modern therapeutic modalities with personalized care, ensuring every client has the resources needed to navigate the complexities of addiction recovery.

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Our Philosophy and Approach

Understanding that each journey is unique, our center focuses on holistic recovery, tailoring treatments to individual needs. Our programs are grounded in evidence-based practices, offering inpatient and outpatient modalities to support different stages of recovery.

Treating addiction requires us to evolve and adopt new methods constantly. We now focus more on understanding each person’s unique journey through addiction recovery rather than sticking to a one-size-fits-all approach.

This shift means exploring various treatment options like medical detox, therapy sessions, and medication-assisted treatment with drugs like Suboxone for opioid addiction or Vivitrol for alcohol dependency. These strategies aim to address both the mental health aspects and physical dependence associated with substance abuse.

Our Boynton Beach Drug Treatment Center stands out by integrating evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), which have shown significant success in managing conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder that often co-occur with substance use disorders.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient rehabilitation involves treatment for drug and alcohol addiction conducted in an outpatient setting. This type of drug rehab is especially suited for individuals managing mild addiction or those transitioning from inpatient care to sustained recovery. It’s also effective for addressing substance misuse issues that are identified early, allowing for successful treatment through outpatient programs.

Flexibility is vital in our outpatient programs, which cater to clients who need treatment while maintaining their daily responsibilities. These programs vary in intensity and can include everything from several hours of therapy per week to an intensive outpatient program with a specific regimen, depending on the individual’s situation.

Some people can’t leave their jobs or families for treatment. For them, we have outpatient programs. Patients come to the center for a few hours each week. They get therapy and support but go home after treatment sessions. An outpatient treatment program often suits those with mild to moderate addiction issues.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

For those seeking a middle ground, our PHP offers intensive outpatient treatment without full hospitalization. Clients engage in daily therapies for several hours, then return home in the evening, combining robust support with personal freedom.

Specialized Therapies and Services

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) are central to our treatment approach. They help clients modify negative behaviors and emotions through self-awareness and skill development.
  • Experiential Therapy: We incorporate creative and movement-based therapies to help clients express themselves and process recovery dynamically.
  • Family and Couples Therapy: Recognizing the impact of addiction on relationships, we offer therapies designed to heal and strengthen family dynamics.
  • Nutrition and Fitness Therapy: A healthy body supports a healthy mind, so our treatment programs include tailored nutritional plans and physical activities that complement the recovery process.

More About Our Drug Rehabilitation Center In Boynton Beach

Our center in Boynton Beach stands out for its comprehensive approach to battling addiction. It offers mental health support and substance misuse treatment under one roof. We understand that fighting addiction involves more than just addressing the physical aspects; it’s about healing the whole person, which is why we also provide vital family support services.

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Factors to consider when choosing a drug and alcohol addiction program

Choosing the right drug treatment clinic in Boynton Beach involves many factors. Two key considerations are insurance coverage and the level of rehabilitation assistance needed.

Insurance Coverage:

Everyone’s healthcare plan is different. Some rehab centers accept various health insurance plans, while others might be more limited. It’s crucial to check if your health insurance covers substance abuse treatment at the treatment facility that you’re considering. Many centers have staff who can help explain your benefits and what costs you may need to cover out of pocket.

Level of Rehabilitation Service:

Rehabilitation clinics offer various levels of care to meet different needs. These include outpatient treatment programs, residential treatment, and intense in-house programs.

  • Outpatient programs allow you to live at home while receiving care several times a week at the facility.

  • Residential or inpatient services in our West Palm Beach county facility provide 24/7 support and care within the facility for those with severe addictions.

  • Intensive outpatient program options are a middle ground, offering more support than standard outpatient services without requiring a residential stay.

Co-occurring Disorders Treatment:

Many people facing substance misuse issues also deal with mental health disorders and challenges like anxiety, depression, or psychosis. Our substance abuse treatment facility provides integrated services for co-occurring disorders that can address both the addiction and any underlying mental health issues simultaneously.

Choosing a drug and alcohol addiction program - Boynton Beach Drug Treatment Center
Addiction Treatment Methods - Boynton Beach Drug Treatment Center

Relapse Prevention Planning:

Quality rehabilitation focuses on long-term recovery, which includes planning for life after the program ends. Centers that offer comprehensive relapse prevention strategies equip individuals with the tools they need to maintain sobriety in real-world situations.

Accreditations and Qualifications:

Trustworthy centers often hold accreditations from organizations like The Joint Commission or are recognized by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). These credentials indicate that the facility meets high care quality and safety standards.

Addiction Treatment Methods Available:

Different centers employ various therapy methods, including dialectical behavioral therapy for managing emotions, group sessions for peer support, and detoxification services for safely removing harmful substances from the body. Ensuring that a top recovery center offers treatments aligned with your recovery goals is essential.

Support Beyond Treatment:

After completing your program with us, Synergy offers ongoing support, such as alumni groups or counseling services. Continuous access to resources can make a significant difference in successful long-term recovery.

Examining these factors closely will help you choose Synergy Sobriety Solutions drug and alcohol rehab center in FL Boynton Beach. We always align with your situation and offer you the best chance at recovery and wellness.

Types of addiction treated
(heroin, crack cocaine, prescription drugs, alcohol)

Our Drug Rehabilitation Center in Boynton Beach, South Florida, offers help for various addictions. We understand that every addiction story is unique and are here to provide the support needed.

  1. Heroin Addiction: Often seen as one of the hardest drugs to quit, heroin use can quickly lead to physical dependency. Our center offers specialized detoxification processes to manage heroin withdrawal symptoms effectively. Following detox, patients engage in therapy sessions to address underlying issues that contribute to their heroin use.

  2. Crack Cocaine: Crack cocaine is a potent stimulant that can cause severe psychological and physical dependency. Our team uses a combination of counseling and medical treatments to help individuals overcome their cravings and learn healthier coping mechanisms.

  3. Prescription Medicine Misuse: Many people start using prescription drugs for legitimate medical reasons but find themselves struggling with addiction over time. Whether it’s painkillers, sedatives like Xanax, or other medications, our programs focus on safely detoxing while addressing the challenges of prescription drug addiction through individualized treatment plans.

  4. Alcohol Abuse: Dealing with alcohol use disorder requires a comprehensive approach due to both its widespread acceptance in society and its potential for severe withdrawal symptoms like alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Our center provides a safe environment for detoxing from alcohol, followed by therapy and support groups designed to help individuals rebuild their lives without relying on alcohol.

Each patient receives care tailored to their needs, incorporating mental health treatment when necessary. We believe in treating the whole person, not just the addiction, offering hope and a path forward for those looking to recover from substance abuse.

Types of addiction treated - Boynton Beach Drug Treatment Center

Support Beyond Treatment

Recovery doesn’t end with treatment. We provide ongoing support through alumni groups, aftercare programs, and relapse prevention strategies, ensuring a continuum of care beyond our facility’s recovery community. Our community engagement programs and support groups offer a network of support and shared experiences vital for long-term recovery.

Easy Access and Accommodation

We believe that recovery services should be accessible to everyone. Our Palm Beach County facility adheres to ADA standards, ensuring all clients, regardless of disability, have access to our services. We also provide resources and support for families dealing with addiction, including specialized and group therapy sessions and educational programs.

Why Choose us - Boynton Beach Drug Treatment Center

Why Choose Us?

Synergy Sobriety Solutions stands out with its commitment to personalized care, evidenced by our successful integration of clinical excellence with compassionate support. Our team of experts is not only skilled in advanced addiction treatment techniques but also deeply committed to each individual’s recovery.

We are dedicated to the individuals and communities we support. Our highly skilled and compassionate professionals continually strive to enhance the quality of the personalized treatment and recovery services we provide.

In 2020, we successfully obtained a grant to transition to a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) model. This transition represents another step in our commitment to improving access to integrated and comprehensive behavioral and physical health care for the people we serve in South Florida.

Mental Health Services

Mental health is key in treating drug addictions, including those to opiates and alcohol. Our center provides essential services to address mental health problems linked with substance abuse.

We have experts who help patients through medical detox and treatment for opioid addiction, painkiller misuse, and other narcotic dependencies. They understand the role of mental well-being in recovery.

Therapy sessions aim to uncover underlying issues like childhood trauma that often fuel drug use and alcohol misuse disorders (AUD). Support groups create a community where individuals share their journeys, strengthening each other.

This approach ensures a holistic path to healing with our holistic healing techniques. Now, let’s discuss how we also extend our support to families involved in this journey.

Help and Healing For Families

Dealing with addiction impacts not just the individual but their loved ones, too. Families often bear the brunt of this struggle, wrestling with emotions from anger to despair.

Our center offers specialized support for families, guiding them through these challenging times. We teach coping strategies that foster healthier relationships while understanding each family’s unique dynamics.

This aid extends beyond counseling sessions to include workshops and group activities designed to rebuild trust and communication within the family unit. From parents to siblings, everyone learns about addiction’s effects and how they can contribute positively to their loved one’s recovery journey.

This collective approach helps mend emotional wounds and strengthens bonds, paving the way for lasting healing within families.

Help and Healing For Families for Drug Addiction Treatment in Boynton Beach


Our Boynton Beach Drug Treatment Center is a shining light for those fighting the addiction epidemic.  Here, we don’t just treat addiction; we transform lives through dedicated care and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those we serve. 

With options ranging from outpatient programs, PHP, MAT, CBT, and DBT, we tackle everything from alcohol misuse to opioid dependency. Our goal is to equip each individual with the tools and confidence to achieve lasting sobriety and wellness. Join us and experience a community that believes in your recovery as much as you do.

Our professionals and clinical staff at Synergy Sobriety Solutions don’t just treat the symptoms; they dig deep to understand the problem and heal every patient. Families find support and healing, proving that recovery is best taken together. Facing addiction head-on, we transform lives every day.

For more details or to start your journey towards recovery, visit our website or contact our support team directly. Together, we can build a foundation for a sober and fulfilling life.

If you or someone you know struggles with an addiction, help is available at Synergy Sobriety Solutions in Palm Beach, Florida. We offer professional drug and alcohol treatment services tailored to your needs.

Call us at 561-562-9715 or Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you toward your recovery!