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We are a licensed alcohol and drug rehabilitation team in our Palm Beach Gardens Drug Treatment Center, providing programs that combine the most advanced research done on addiction treatment programs and years of experience.

Each treatment program includes evidence-based recovery therapy delivered in a calm setting. The proven therapy is designed to treat multiple dimensions of health, including the spirit, mind, and body. From individual therapy to detoxification and medical stabilization, through continuing recovery care planning, we offer effective options.

Synergy Sobriety Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens provides a residential treatment program and outpatient care for men and women.

Drug Treatment Center Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens Drug Treatment Center

Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program 

Whether you have been fighting addiction due to a recent life event or for many years, we provide excellent clinically individualized care to achieve lifelong recovery. Approximately 33 percent of older adults with abuse disorder have caused such things as problems in relationships, the loss of loved ones, mental health challenges, or a sudden illness that sends them spiraling into substance abuse or misuse and unhealthy behaviors.

The difference between a treatment program and active addiction can be loss of life. Here in Palm Beach Gardens Drug Treatment Center, we want you to feel life is worth living. Every patient’s care plan integrates advanced psychiatric, psychological, and medical therapies provided by a credentialed multidisciplinary team.

Stabilization and medical detox through acute medical care start the journey of overcoming addiction. Patients begin regaining health, boosting cognition, improving mobility, and rebuilding relationships during a treatment program at our Palm Beach Gardens facility.

Combined with participating in the 12-step practice, patients receive a plan to restore freedom from addiction through alcohol addiction and drug and alcohol rehab. It is vitally important to build a supportive community.

Combining decades of experience and clinical studies shows forming essential bonds is easier among people with similar perceptions and understanding. Our program is tailored to shared outlooks and values. The coordinated team provides compassionate care considering a patient’s past, present, and future.

Elements of the process include:

  • Medically supervised, comfortable, and safe detoxification
  • Thorough spiritual, physical, psychological, and clinical assessments
  • Chronic pain management
  • Focus on peer support
  • Care by a medical team of nurses, doctors, and psychiatrists
  • Access to specialty healthcare
  • Nutrition education, wellness activities, and exercise
  • Treatment of the whole family
  • Drug and alcohol detox

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Medically Supervised Detox for Substance Abuse

The traces of alcohol and drugs lingering in the body cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms and cravings, which perpetuate the addiction cycle. The body composition of different age groups varies. We take great care of alcohol and drug rehab center patients to ensure the detoxification process eliminates remnants of substance abuse while addressing the unique medical concerns of gender and age.

Thorough Assessments

Addiction treatment is a multifaceted approach. There are many ways to address the ways substance abuse affects people. Our diverse team works with individuals to determine the appropriate modality for each area of their life and health.

Our treatment plans ensure every patient receives what is required with a holistic approach.

Chronic Pain Management

Substance use disorders are often closely linked to chronic pain because some prescription drugs and pain medicines are addictive, and those who suffer attempt to self-medicate. Our expert staff works with many patients to create short and long-term tactics for evaluating and managing chronic pain in conjunction with substance use disorder.

Focus on Peer Support

Group therapy allows patients to polish their interpersonal skills, share experiences, and feel a human connection. Here in Palm Beach Gardens, we aim to create a close-knit peer community where our patients feel comfortable, welcome, and safe.

Age-specific programs allow interaction with people from similar viewpoints who best relate to their views on life and priorities.

Care by a Medical Team

Our dedicated medical team is available to ensure patients’ physical health is managed as they recover from their drug use and alcohol addiction. We offer exceptional care for those who face medical concerns that complicate their recovery.

Our on-staff psychiatrist provides treatment plans and professional evaluations during the stay.

Access to Specialty Healthcare Treatment Centers

If an emergency arises due to complications or preexisting conditions, we can access various medical specialties, including cardiology, physical therapy, and critical care.

Nutrition, Wellness Activities, and Exercise

Improving a physically healthy life benefits those managing addiction treatment goals during and after treatment. Emotional or mental health conditions and physical health go hand in hand for a person’s well-being. Regular exercise and eating well relieve mental health symptoms and improve confidence.

Our deluxe accommodations include cozy beds, ample storage space, and modern furnishings with television.

Treating the Whole Family

Addiction affects the entire family system. Family members benefit from the support and education we offer in Palm Beach Gardens.

Intensive Outpatient Care

Synergy in Palm Beach Gardens, South Florida, provides outpatient services for those struggling with addiction and other co-occurring disorders like post-traumatic stress and depression. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive, compassionate treatment plans that help our patients manage substance use disorders.

We design effective treatment plans based on the patient’s history of addiction, lifestyle, and medical requirements. Our intensive outpatient programs for those seeking a nurturing environment support the whole family’s recovery.

Effective treatment plans consider personalized quality care and concerns and integrate sessions addressing co-occurring disorders. Evidence-based treatment protocols empower patients with the confidence, support, and strategies to navigate situations successfully.

Intensive Outpatient Care - Palm Beach Gardens Drug Treatment Center

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Counselors Dedicated to Patient Care

Palm Beach Gardens team knows lasting recovery is possible regardless of the circumstances. Outpatient programs consider a person’s home life and work. They are conducted at the West Palm Beach campus recovery center in Palm Beach County and provide comprehensive addiction treatment.
Counselors Dedicated to Patient Care - Palm Beach Gardens
Our addiction recovery programs address the same concerns addressed with inpatient care while allowing patients and families to continue their everyday lives. It is best suited for those returning home after residential treatment or people not needing residential care. Each patient is assigned a counselor to facilitate the spiritual, family, social, psychiatric, psychological, and medical assessment process. Compassionate counselors work with patients through their treatment in individual sessions and various group sessions. Every patient attends and participates in psycho-educational and therapeutic groups. Features of the intensive outpatient program also include: Individual therapy – Group sessions – Group topics – such as 12-step facilitation, psychoeducation, and therapy – Random urine drug screens – Continuing care planning, and discharge planning.


Many factors determine cost, including the length of stay, type of treatment, and level of care. Our admission teams educate patients about their specific needs.

Medicated-assisted treatment is an approach to treating opioid addiction using medications to manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with substance use disorders.

An intensive outpatient program effectively treats substance use disorders and conditions of co-occurring mental health disorders. It provides support, education, and therapy without requiring residential care. When tailored to an individual's needs, outpatient programs can be as successful as residential care.


The duration varies depending on a person's progress and needs. Usually, they last eight to 12 weeks, with three to five sessions per week, each lasting approximately three hours.

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