Royal Palm Beach Drug Treatment Center

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Synergy Sobriety Solutions’ Royal Palm Beach Drug Treatment Center offers a peaceful setting where women, men, and older adults recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Our comprehensive rehab program has a history of lasting recovery centers.

We understand addiction affects the entire family. Our experienced staff takes every patient’s circumstances and life into consideration. We provide peer support and a mental health program for those who want to heal from personality disorders, anxiety, trauma, depression, and substance use disorders. Regardless of the situation, we provide lifesaving help.

Royal Palm Beach Drug Treatment Center

Drug Treatment Center Royal Palm Beach

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Disorders

You do not have to let the disease of addiction and substance abuse control your life. We help patients move toward wellness. Evidenced-based substance abuse disorder treatment restores spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical, and mental health.

Our Royal Palm Beach, Florida, treatment center provides cutting-edge, practical care that supports lasting change. Whether you sought help in the past without success or recently realized you need assistance, our team near West Palm Beach creates a treatment program designed to fit your needs.

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Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options

Our Royal Palm Beach facility offers various services and addiction treatment programs that surpass industry standards. The dual diagnosis programs support people of all ages on the journey to long-term recovery. They include:

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Care

With proper help, you can have a new life and break free of drug and alcohol addiction. The treatment program is tailored to the unique needs of patients regardless of the addiction they battle. Treatment options include

We help patients and families reclaim their lives. We use a highly individual therapy approach based on the latest addiction medication advancements and timeless recovery principles. We track outcomes and leverage data for every aspect of the program, which ensures patients receive the needed expert care for long-term recovery and healing.

We customize drug and alcohol use disorder treatment plans to fit patients’ learning styles, challenges, strengths, and lifestyles.

We know substance abuse wreaks havoc on patients’ sphere of influence – parents, siblings, spouses, children, and friends. Our customized substance use treatment plans pay close attention to various factors that include:

  • Age
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Desire to change
  • Duration of drug and alcohol use
  • Family members
  • Medical history
  • Past trauma
  • Personal preferences and beliefs
  • Post-traumatic plans
  • Professional obligations
  • Social support system
  • Type of substances being used

Our treatment center offers patient-driven, age-specific care with gender-specific and gender-separate options. We cater to unique spiritual, physical, and mental health needs.

Patients in group therapy with similar personality types and life experiential therapy levels have better outcomes. We understand the unique challenges facing patients.

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Co-Occurring Disorders

From bipolar disorder to depression or post-traumatic stress, treating the symptoms of mental health disorders frequently overlaps with addiction. People sometimes receive treatment for one condition, and others remain untreated.

Trauma-Informed Drug Addiction Programs

Trauma is a significant issue for many facing recovery seeking our services. When left untreated, the patient’s sobriety ability is impacted. Our skilled therapists provide trauma therapies for those with a history of trauma and PST.

Our addiction treatment specialists include master’s clinicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists skilled in the treatment of co-occurring disorders.

Detox Treatment

The Royal Palm Beach facility in South Florida supports those going through detox treatment at our inpatient facility. It is a comfortable environment and a safe space to detox under professional guidance. You have a cozy room and around-the-clock support from knowledgeable clinicians using evidence-based treatment to manage withdrawal symptoms.

A personalized plan for specific circumstances provides the first step to sobriety. The odds of success are better when drug addiction recovery services and alcohol rehab treatments are tailored to the individual’s needs.

After a thorough medical assessment, we create treatment plans that focus on safety throughout detox. Proven treatments are provided while monitoring vital signs and withdrawal symptoms. We help move forward as safely and comfortably as possible.

When detox treatment centers have Joint Commission certification, it indicates they provide top-notch care. Before discharge planning, the inpatient facility includes exercise and healthy food, peer, individual, and group therapy that helps gain insights into thoughts and behavior patterns, relapse prevention, spiritual training, life coaching, coping skills, and anger management that fosters personal growth.

Detox Treatment Royal Palm Beach


The Synergy Royal Palm Beach Treatment Center offers extraordinary opportunities for individuals who struggle with substance use disorders and are seeking a drug treatment center or alcohol rehab center. We know drug addiction and alcohol dependence threaten their livelihood. Our caring professionals can speak with you.
Conclusion - Royal Palm Beach Drug Treatment Center
Synergy Sobriety Solutions treatment and recovery center will begin treatment when patients arrive. Our seamless integration of solutions supports long-term recovery and family therapy. Break the cycle of addiction. We are here to help in Palm Beach County. Synergy Sobriety Solutions in Royal Palm Beach, FL, the premier drug treatment center in Palm Beach County, is ready to support you. Contact us at 844-761-7283 or fill out our online form for immediate help. We respond quickly and are here for you 24/7. Get your personalized care and ongoing support from our experienced clinical staff in a safe environment today.