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Welcome to Synergy Sobriety Solutions Acreage Drug Treatment Center in West Palm Beach. We approach the journey through mental health treatment and addiction recovery with a blend of our facility’s tranquility, serene beauty, and the highest standard of care. 

Our residential facility is more than a place to heal. It is a sanctuary to find clarity, peace, and the strength to overcome drug and alcohol addiction challenges. Choosing a drug rehab center, like our Acreage Florida Drug Treatment Center for addiction and mental health treatment, means selecting a recovery path enveloped in unparalleled amenities, care, and understanding.

The Acreage Florida Drug Treatment Center

Drug Treatment Center - The Acreage Florida

Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options

The Acreage facility offers various services and addiction treatment programs that surpass industry standards. The dual diagnosis programs support people of all ages on the journey to long-term recovery. They include:

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Outpatient Rehab Services

At our Acreage facility in South Florida, we offer comprehensive drug or alcohol addiction treatment that addresses the complexities of mental health challenges, disorders, and substance use with medical supervision. Our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center creates personalized care plans respecting the individualized care of our clients.

From the moment they arrive at our West Palm Beach, Florida facility, the team of experienced professionals is dedicated to understanding their unique goals and needs. Our holistic approach integrates cutting-edge therapies and traditional methods that nurture the spirit, mind, and body.

Holistic Approach

We are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities catering to clients’ well-being. From therapeutic activities to elegantly furnished surroundings, every detail of the program is designed to provide an exceptional recovery experience.

The beauty of the facility enhances the holistic approach to mental health concerns and alcohol and drug addiction treatment, offering a healing and peaceful environment promoting lasting recovery.

Addiction Rehab

We believe a rehab center should be about more than transforming lives. Our rehab facility is committed to providing the environment, support, and tools needed to embark on the path of fulfillment, happiness, and mental health treatment. 

Discover a standard of luxury treatment centers where the journey to recovery is met with beauty, excellence, and compassion. 

A Luxurious Approach to Rehab in West Palm Beach

Our approach is that comfort and luxury rehab are more than luxurious amenities. They are effective in drug or alcohol rehab centers for addiction treatment or mental health treatment. We understand recovery is profoundly personal and challenging.

We have created an environment supporting every step of the journey. The center’s luxury is matched by the quality of care that ensures every aspect of the stay is conducive to recovery.

Detoxification Treatment Program

Attempting detox from drugs or alcohol without the proper medical treatment can be scary, complex, and life-threatening. We give patients a safe place to complete detox in West Palm Beach, Florida. Treatment is individualized to the unique requirement of the patient and helps manage the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

We care for patients every step of the way with respect and dignity. Reasons to seek detox services include:

  • Being unable to go about a typical day without drugs or alcohol
  • Cannot halt the use of drugs or alcohol on one’s own
  • Consuming drugs or alcohol hurts one’s life
  • Loved ones ask their friend or family member to seek help
  • Court ordered treatment

Medical Detox Treatment

Medical detox treatment is a groundbreaking approach to fighting against mental health disorders and substance use. It offers healing and hope to those who struggle with addiction. The Acreage facility integrates medical-assisted treatment with personalized treatment plans and prescription medications.

It combines behavioral health therapies and counseling to address the whole person. The treatment has proven to enhance recovery outcomes that reduce cravings, manage withdrawal symptoms, and prevent relapse.

We use FDA-approved medication that includes options for treatments for alcohol and opioid addiction. It is carefully selected to support the patient’s journey to recovery.


After detox, it is vital to a patient’s addiction recovery and health treatment to have a plan in place for immediate and sustained support. Before leaving our detoxification facility, a counselor meets with the patient and families to develop the aftercare program.

Specialists have experience determining the appropriate route for each individual’s needs. The aftercare program incorporates creating recovery targets, supporting the family, and determining the treatment level.

Aftercare varies depending on the circumstances; patients usually move forward with inpatient rehab or outpatient treatment.

Inpatient Treatment

An inpatient residential treatment program is a safe place for patients to take the first steps toward recovery. Inpatient treatment includes:

  • Experiential therapies
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Monitored detoxification

Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program is an excellent treatment option for patients who do not require more intensive treatment or have completed residential care. Patients live at the same treatment center as residential patients.

Treatment includes many of the interventions used for residential patients, such as experiential therapies, family therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient treatment program is designed for patients ready to live independently in their communities or for adults who require a lower level of care. It consists of many of the interventions used in our partial hospitalization program.

The program includes experiential, family, group, and individual therapy. Patients receive services for three hours a day, three days a week.

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Mental Health Disorders and Mental Health Treatment

At our Acreage treatment facility, we are dedicated to providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to addiction and mental health concerns. Our mental health center uses professional expertise in areas ranging from nutrition to psychiatry.

A multidisciplinary team is committed to ensuring a custom-tailored path to wellness to meet our patients’ needs. Mental health is necessary for overall well-being, but it can be challenging to recognize when we struggle with mental health issues.
Mental Health Disorders and Mental Health Treatment - The Acreage Florida Drug Treatment Center

Our assessments help gain insight into the patient’s mental health by assessing the symptoms and the mental and emotional well-being.

In The Acreage in West Palm Beach, we offer luxury, evidence-based treatments that cater to men and women who struggle with mental health disorders and addiction. Our primary objective is to treat the whole person rather than the disease. We guide families through the steps of the process as the patient progresses. Synergy Sobriety Solutions in The Acreage, FL, the premier drug treatment center in Palm Beach County, is ready to support you. Contact us at 844-761-7283 or fill out our online form for immediate help. We respond quickly and are here for you 24/7. Get your personalized medical care and ongoing support from our experienced clinical staff in a safe environment today.

Synergy Sobriety Solutions in Greenacres, FL, the premier drug treatment center in Palm Beach County, is ready to support you. Contact us at 844-761-7283 or fill out our online form for immediate help. We respond quickly and are here for you 24/7. Get your personalized care and ongoing support from our experienced clinical staff in a safe environment today.